Hunny -- Labrador Retriever 1yr 6 months

Hunny Smiling


We try to name dogs according to their personality and well Hunny is truly a honey love bug.  She is currently in a foster home with 2 females big dogs but she does well with little dogs.  Her previous playmate was a male.

Hunny Loves Chewbones



Poor Hunny lost her home and her housemate due to unfortunate circumstances with her previous owners.  She was so happy to be rescued that she gratefully shows her love every day by laying her head and your leg and looking up to say "Thank You"

Hunny so Obedient


Hunny would be a good playmate for another (Hunny is calm and quiet) or she will be your best friend as a companion.

Hunny Sleeping



Hunny is more into the humans than she is into other dogs but she does play daily and happy to have company.  We think she is more attached to me and her foster mom because we saved her.

Hunny Out for a Walk


I have been rescuing dogs from the streets that are thrown away like trash, from our local HIGH kill shelter here in San Antonio, Texas for almost 13 years now and very few dogs have grabbed my heart -- Hunny is tugging at my heart, she is such a sweet soul.

Bane -- 1.5 years old

Bane Sitting for a Treat



Even though he is happy to play with other dogs he would rather be cuddled up with a human, he will stay very still next to you and go to sleep.  He likes to be the center of attention and will need someone who has a firm hand IF they have another dog in the home.

Bane Taking a Break from Playing



Mr. Bane had owners and is truly a house dog who loves to play and happily plays with all of his foster brothers and sisters, even the tiny ones.  He runs around the yard playing with himself and does not mind being outside when the weather is nice but he is not an outside dog.

Bane, pictures to come


 Bane likes to walk and get his exercise.  Even though he will be your best friend and lay still and sleep with you, Bane would benefit by being in a home with someone who can walk him so he can exercise.  If he is not walked or gets his exercise he will let you know by showing you how bored he is.   

More Bane Pictures to Come



He does not pay attention to your personal items or furniture or destructive in any way but he will if not walked on a regular basis to show his boredom

.  He doesn't need to be walked every day but on a normal basis.

His personality is as beautiful as he is and he is a very obedient gentleman.

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If you would like to sponsor Bane while he is in our foster organization you can make a contribution to; account:

Thank you.

Coco -- Terrier/Chihuahua 2 years old

Coco Being a Sweet Girl


Coco is a perky little gain who weighs 10 lbs and has reached her adult size and weight.

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 Coco is a perky little girl who is the hostess of the party. She is very friendly and will welcome your guest without jumping on them.  

More pictures of Coco on the way


 Of course she is very playful and would be ideal as a companion pet for another dog. She gets along with all dogs big and small. Coco wakes up with a playful personality and a happy Good Morning. 

More pictures to come



Coco can be independent and play with her toys by herself but she does love to cuddle with humans and get some love and give love back to you. If you are interested in Coco, please contact us and her foster mom can give you more information about her. Thank you

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Coco's foster mom calls her "Sneaky" because she is so quiet that she will end up on the couch with you and you never saw or heard her coming, you just noticed that she is laying there snuggled up.

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Coco has many benefits, she loves kids, walks well on a leash and enjoys a car ride.