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All of our dogs are adopted into their new homes already spayed or neutered, de-wormed several times, current on vaccinations depending on their age.  Puppies will have at least 2-3 vaccinations before they go to their homes and if they are old enough they will have their rabies vaccination.  Adults will have their rabies shots and heartworm tested.  All dogs are microchipped.  You will receive their medical records at the time of adoption.


Sable - 4 month old Labrador Retriever

Sweet Sable



Hee Hee!  Hi there, I'm me Sable and I am a giggling wiggle worm.  I am happy everyday and I bet I can make you laugh, you would love me.  I am almost 4 months old and on the little side, I only weigh 12 pounds so far.  My mom only weighs 45 but I'll probably be smaller than that as an adult since my entire litter were all small.  I love to eat but I stay slim and trim!!

Sable and Lola Keeping Warm



I live in a foster home with a big female Rottweiler and a big Labrador Retriever, I play with them every day and they are so sweet, they let me get away with crawling all over them, eating their food and taking their toys.  I would be a great companion pup if you have another dog.

Sable Going for a Walk



My special training is that I live in an apartment so I know how to run up and down the stairs, I let my foster mom know when I have to go potty but she still puts those pee pads down on the floor in case I have an accident.  And I am quiet, not a barker at all.

Sable Playing with a bone



You know what else is good about me?  I am a soft cuddlier, I cuddle like a baby and will go to sleep in your arms.  My foster mom says that I am very low maintenance whatever that means.  I love my crate, it's my private home and I got in there often.

Sable, Mom and Lola



Don't you want to meet me?  I bet you'll fall in love with me!!  My foster mom has lots more pictures of me if you want to see them and she can tell you all about me.  Hope to see you soon!

Wesley - 5 month old Labrador Retriever

Wondering Why She Woke me Up



Hey ya'll my name is Wesley and I think I'm pretty special because I'm so sweet and somber. First let's get the most important thing out of the way, I am looking for a home where I can be a play buddy with another dog.  It doesn't matter how big or what age they are because in my foster home I play with all kinds.  I do not like being by myself or I get very sad, I even like to sleep with my best friend.  At first I slept cuddled with my sister but she got adopted, then I became friends with another dog and he got adopted.  So I had to sleep with a big Rottweiler but she didn't mind, now I have 3 little pups that I play and sleep with.

Just Chilling



If you do not have a dog already looking for a companion I probably wouldn't do so good by myself.  I love to play with toys all the time.  I pay until I take a nap then I'm back up playing again.  I follow all of the rules very well in my foster home, I am house-trained and house trusted worthy.  It has been months since I slept in a crate but I guess I can do it again until you get comfortable with me.

Playing with my Toy,



I am happy every day, I like to cuddle with my humans too and I'll wait until you tell me to give you a kiss.

So let's explain my breed, my mother was a Labrador Retriever/Basenji Mix and my father was a Hound/Labrador mix (I look like my dad except for the black spots on my face from my mom)  There is a picture of my mom and dad so you can see how pretty they were.  There are pictures of me too.

Hanging with my foster play mom



You can contact my foster mom for more videos and pictures and information about me.  I am 5 months old and weigh 22 lbs.  My litter was pretty small so they do not think we'll get as big as our mother and father.

My Mom & Dad


Mom & Dad

And their friend, her 3 pups are on here too.

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Grace - 2.5yr old Labrador Retriever Mix

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Hello Everyone, you are looking at a Super Star!  That's right I am a super star just like Kim Kardashian - I may not look like her but I am equally a super star and I can be a bit of a Diva sometimes.

My Diva tricks includes cuddling with you, playing with everyone I meet, I am very friendly and I like everyone and walking with a prance as if I am in a parade or something!!!

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How many Diva's can you find that are sugary sweet?  Well you are looking at one and you should adopt me!!! You would be getting a great dog at least that is what I hear people tell my foster mom every time someone visits.  I hear them saying how sweet I am so that must be something good.  I let them rub my head which I love.

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So for the necessities, I am about 2.5 years old and I was found at a steel mill where I had 8 babies.  I have had lots of babies because my previous parents did not do the birth control thing but I will never have any more babies, I'm all fixed up now.  The vet says I have mostly Labrador Retriever in me but I am mixed with something, they are just not sure what it is, maybe pit bull but does it really matter?  NO, not to me.

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My foster home is an apartment and at first it was a little scary because I did not know what the stairs were.  But now I run up and down the stairs for potty and walking time.  I am not a barker, really the ideal apartment dog.  I will let you know when I need to go out to potty and I do not bother you to go out that often.  I am completely house-trained but I tell you the truth, it would be great to have some chew bones for me so I don't get bored.  

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I am crate trained and I love sleeping in my crate when you go to bed but I also love being around you and quietly hanging out.  I am a nosy Diva too, always trying to look out the window and so happy when my foster mom comes home from work.  She has a cat and me and that cat are fast friends.  I am friends with big and little dogs, I play with them all.  I really do like little dogs, I play make believe that they are my babies, so I am gentle.

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I have more video.  Email or call my foster mom and she can send you more.  And you can meet me if you are local, if not we can meet each other on Facetime!

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Trombone, Flute & Dakota

Trombone, Dakota and Flute



3 puppies being cared for by Roxxy's K-9 Rescue.  They are exactly 3 months old today (11-18-2018).  I know for sure that their mother is a blonde mini Labrador Retriever but I am not sure who their father is.  Their mother was a stray and I have taken several litters from her.  I took Trombone and his 2 sisters when they were 2 weeks old and bottle fed them




They have grown, running up and down the stairs, all around the yard and playing with each other with all kinds of toys.  All 3 have 3 have different personalities.

Flute is the fast, speedy, time to party type of girl.  She is also a girly girl who loves to be held and carried around.  I'm sure she'll be a lap dog.  She eats sitting and/or laying down.  She is fearless but still a girly girl.  She loves to cuddle in her bed and she loves playing with her siblings.  

Flute is a happy girl and loves to meet you but she also likes for you to chase her, she gets a big kick out of running up and down the stairs.  She would be a great playmate for another dog and easy to train.  Their potty training has gone very well, they whine loudly when they need to go out and they know what the pee pads are for.  They also sleep through the night which is a great thing.

Flute is the smallest of the 3 for no reason other than she was small when I got her.  She has a healthy appetite but destined to be a small/medium dog as an adult.  The foster home is filled with an older puppy that they share a room with and much bigger older dogs that they get along great.




Dakota is your typical little puppy, just following whatever the others do and she is a routine kind of girl, very easy to train,  She loves toys and wrestling and running around yard.   Dakota can be a tomboy most of the time and a girly girl 40% of the time.  Her coat is so smooth and soft, it is a bit longer or thicker that her siblings. I love holding her and rubbing her, she loves it too! 

Dakota would be happy as a single dog or as a companion dog.  She does love her humans and their attention even though she is a bit independent,  She is easy to train, 

Their potty training has gone very well, they whine loudly when they need to go out and they know what the pee pads are for.  They also sleep through the night which is a great thing.

Dakota is normal size, right now she weighs 10 lbs and she will probably be a small/medium adult.  The foster home is filled with an older puppy that they share a room with and much bigger older dogs that they get along great.

Trombone & Dakota


 They have grown, running up and down the stairs, all around the yard and playing with each other with all kinds of toys .


So far barking is not an issue, I only hear them bark when they are wrestling each other.

Playtime is all the time around her but they are on a routine and very easy to train.




Trombone is the most calmest one of the bunch.  He plays but he likes to watch the others play.  He is very independent and easy to train.  Their potty training has gone very well, they whine loudly when they need to go out and they know what the pee pads are for.  They also sleep through the night which is a great thing.

Trombone is the biggest of the 3 because he eats the most!  The foster home is filled with an older puppy that they share a room with and much bigger older dogs that they get along great.

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This is our mother but please click the button and you can see a video of us playing,  

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AXL Boxer




Axl is a really great dog in most respects and because he is an active guy, he should probably be in a home with kids older than 5 years old. The reason is because Axl is strong and wants to play and he knocks little kids down. Of course if he had a firm hand to train him basic commands and simmer his spirit a little bit he would get along even with younger kids. He LOVES kids and tries to play with them all the time. Axl love human attention, something he missed out on in his early life.




He weighs roughly 60 lbs and as with most Boxers, he 'kidney beans' around, knocking over things out of excitement. Plus he has a natural tail that whips pretty hard and rapidly with all that excitement but hey that is what most dogs do.. 

He is on an eating schedule to monitor his potty breaks. He actually DOES know the sit command, but he can be stubborn.  He'll sit if there's an incentive (a treat, etc.).  He comes immediately when you call him and stops any bad behavior the minute you tell him 'No' or make a corrective sound.  He is very eager to please as he loves his humans and it makes him so happy to spend time with them. He likes to chase a ball but doesn't necessarily return it to you.  




He is not food aggressive at all; he's allowed me to reach into his bowl when he's eating; he also allows you to take a toy from his mouth, so I have no concerns about his overall temperament.  The only real issue has been he doesn't realize he's a big, strong dog!  He LOVES attention and to play!  




Oh he is a nosey guy and wants to go out the front door and can be a flight risk with the door standing wide open. He will come back when called but he sees it as a game and fun to dart out the front door.  !  He does not run out the back door because that is the door he goes potty!! , but I think that's only because when we put him out, it's always in the backyard, so he doesn't WANT to go out there!  :)  




Axl has all of the Boxer characteristics and traits. He is up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative, already neutered and micro-chipped and has his rabies shot and certificate.  He's a very good natured dog and incredibly lovable. He will come with his food, treats, bed, collar, leash, etc.). All of this is included in his adoption fee of $175.00. His medical records will come with him at the time of adoption.




Please note that Axl is NOT deaf ; just because he is all white. He comes when called and seems to love his name. He is a 3 years old with a lot of puppy left in him. It would be WONDERFUL  to find someone to give him the attention he craves, take him on walks and interact with him because he LOVES attention!! 


Mr. Wilson


Mr. Wilson is 5 months old and a goof ball.  As you can see he loves to see, he is a true Labrador Retriever.  His mother is a black Lab who is on the streets and too smart to go into a trap.  No idea who dad is but the entire litter came out as Labs.

Mr. Wilson


Wilson has a nice medium long wavy coat that surprisingly does not shed.  We are in San Antonio, Tx and you would think that the heat would make him shed but it doesn't.  He loves his hugs but he loves being outside right now so he can play in the pool and run around with his toys

Mr. Wilson Chilling


I guess he is just taking a break from playing with his 2 sisters.  He is worn out as normally he has a smile on his face




Fanta is a 7 month old Labrador Retriever who is seeking her forever home



True to her Lab traits and characteristics, Fanta loves the water and can sit there and play with her toys in peace.



Fanta can be a big baby at time and just likes to lay with you and cuddle



Fanta was part of a litter of 9 born to a stray mom on the street.  We were able to save all of them except 2.  Fanta loves toys and playing with her brother and sister.  But her brother has bren adopted and Fanta is a bit lonely as her sister Sprite is a bit shy.



As you can see Fanta is very comfortable being a cuddle baby but she is growing so she won't be a lap dog much longer.

Fanta's Mother


Fanta's mother is about 50 lbs so she should not weigh more than that as an adult.




I know that name sounds strange but she has a sister from the previous litter that she is identical to and her older sister's name is Hootie.  I'm looking for a good name for her.  
She is 2 months old, a sweet baby who clings onto your shoulders or shirt like she is a real baby.  She is happy and likes to play but she is quiet.  She would make a great companion playmate for another dog,



This little girl is super sweet but she enjoys rough housing.  Hazley would be a good candidate as a companion pet and she would love a forever home,

Haven's Mother


This is Haven's mother.  This girl comes close and she is fed daily and I will try my best to trap her and get her fixed so she does not have anymore litters on the street.  There are so many strays on the street.

Daddy #1


One of momma's boyfriends and they all hang together,



This is Hootie from the previous litter.  She has been adopted into a wonderful home and her family loves her

Daddy #2


Momma has 2 boyfriends and this is probably one of the daddy's.  This big boy fathered 2 of the girls.

37th Street German Shepherd Pups



Haven's sister.  Hurry up and put your application, they will go quickly.  2 months old and will be ready to go to their home on July 20



3 of the sisters and they are gathered for a road trip to get vaccinated, yeah!!!

37th Street Puppies


There are 7 total in this litter.  I rescued her last litter and they were all smart and quiet and love to cuddle

Haven & Raven


Haven with Raven in the background,

2 Sisters


2 sisters sweet as can be, they are 11 weeks old and working on potty training,

Haven on the shoulder


Sweet Haven loves to cuddle just like a baby.

37th Street Pups


Twin getting her 1st bath.  She slept like a baby.

Yes, that is her name until she finds a new home and her new family gives her another name.  It is obvious why I named her Twin, take a look at her sister Haven!

Twin & Serena


Big foster sister Serena is comforting Twin on being a new arrival and getting use to being in a home.



Twin has come a long way and doing great.  At 11 weeks she has master potty training, she holds it for up to 4 hours.  That is really good for a young puppy



As you can see, Hazley's dad is Daddy #1.  Hazley wrestles with Haven and Twin but she loves to play with long lasting raw hides and balls.

Haven, Hazley and Twin


We are in our BMW convertible and headed upstairs to our puppy room.  We had a great time playing upstairs.

Haven and Sister #1


This sister is very small but not the smallest and a girly girl.  Still trying to think of a name for her,




Shasta is a 5 month old Labrador Retriever and the sister to Mr. Wilson (also listed on here for adoption).  
Shasta is a bit more shy but very loving.  She has fun playing chase with her brother and sister and playing with her toys.  Shasta is very quiet and gets along with everyone.  Just give he 2-3 minutes to warm up and then you have a great puppy.

Shasta Swimming


Like all Labs Shasta enjoys the water but mostly to cool off, but she love playing with toys and they have lots of toys to keep them being curious about human items.

Shasta Growing


Her mother is a pure breed black Labrador Retriever who weighs about 55 lbs and a short coat.  Shasta has a smooth shiny short coat unlike her brother Mr. Wilson who has a medium wavy coat.



These are the 3 left, 2 girls and 1 boy.  This picture is when they were a little younger.

Sweet Shasta


She is very comfortable in your lap even though she is an active puppy but in no way hyper-active, just normal.

Shasta Relaxing


Love how content she is


Meet Dakota



This gentle girl is looking for a home where she can be your best friend.  Dakota is 80 lbs and needs to walk to drop at least 15 lbs off of her.  She would love to walk as she is very friendly and likes meeting new people.

The vet has described her breed as mostly Husky with some Labrador Retriever mixed in and the vet puts her age at 5 years old.  She has good solid teeth.  There are no medical problems with her and she tested NEGATIVE on her heartworm test --  YIPPEE!!!




Dakota is up to date on her vaccination and rabies shots, she will not need anything until this time 2019,  She has also been de-wormed.  She is microchipped and her medical records will come with her at the time of adoption.  She will need to be on monthly Heartworm Preventative and we can sell you a 6 month supply for $47 so you do not need to pay to have her tested again.  Her test results will come in her medical records.




Dakota is in a foster home with 2 other big dogs, a cat and a rabbit and little kids.  She gets along with everyone, she has not had 1 incident with any of them.  She is low energy and will lay there and watch everyone doing their thing and she is totally fine with that.  Give her a chewbone and that has made her day! I'm not too sure about her playing with toys, you'll have to speak to her foster mom about that.




Dakota would love to find her forever home. Dakota is such a sweetheart and always full of smiles but most of all she gets along with adults and children of all ages.  Every night she tucks my school age boys into bed and sleeps next to them all night.  

She is brownish-red in color with white paws and white face.  When it's feeding time she gets very excited and loves to show it with her friendly dances.  She also shows excitement when you put water inside her small pool that she plays in.  Dakota enjoys playing fetch, having her belly rubbed, going for walks and loves to cuddle.

When she goes out to potty she walks the yard, sometimes lays out there to sunbath and comes back to the sliding glass door to be let in. She is completely house trained and trustworthy to be left alone without having to be crated.  She is crate trained but she doesn't bother anything that is not hers.




She is house trained and will go to the back door letting you know that it is potty time.
When Dakota is outside during the night she gets scared and will cry until brought inside.  She is strictly an indoor family pet type of dog.

Overall, Dakota is a friendly, sweet and loving older dog who wants to share this with a good forever family. 

Dakota rides good in the car, doesn't mind getting her nails done or taking a bath.  Surprisingly for her breed, there is very little shedding.

Dakota would do good in an apartment because she is so calm, a non barker and just a gentle girl.  She would love to have her owner human person to love her so she doesn't have to share the love.  

Please email us at if you'd like to speak to her foster mom, set up a meet and greet for adoption or have any interest in her.  Her foster mom can tell you so much more about her personality.

Dakota having fun

Dakota is the sweetest of the 4 dogs at her foster home, well she was.  Now Lilly has taken over as being just a happy, sweet and playful girl.


Meet Kaily


Kaily found me by breaking her chains from being tied up and she showed up at one of my feeding stations where I feed strays dogs.  She was heavily pregnant.



In 2 days Kaily gave birth to 9 healthy puppies.  All of the puppies grew to resemble full Labrador Retrievers but the vet believes Kaily is mixed with Lab and Pit bull



Kaily has been in our system for 2 years and I believe it is because she looks mad or scary and nothing could be further from the truth.  She is extremely friendly and loving and loves to cuddle and watch TV.  She evens stands in front of the TV until you turn it on, then she nudges you to sit on the couch so the 2 of you can cuddle!



Kaily gets along with all dogs big and small, she is cat friendly and even likes the bunny who lives in her foster home,  Kaily loves receiving attention so we do not want her completing with a baby and would suggest she be adopted into a home with kids over 10 years old please.  She is not aggressive, she is just an attention hound.



She is 4 years old, very calm and extremely quiet and her love has no boundaries.  Kaily would be your best friend forever.  Please give her a chance and meet her, Her loving attitude and pleading eyes will melt your heart.



Jack Boxer

Jack Boxer -- Rescued


Jack is a 2 year old Boxer who craves attention and his previous owners traveled too much to give him the time he needed.

Jack Boxer


Don't be sad Jack, I promise I will find you a new home with a family who will love you as much as you will love them back!

Jack Boxer


Jack is already perking up because he has someone to talk to and that makes him feel special.

Jack Boxer


Jack just finished eating and he thought his meal was delicious!

Jack Boxer


Okay Jack, that is a better pose.  Hopefully someone will fall in love with you and adopt you.

Jack Boxer


Where would you like to go Jack?  Would you love to go for a walk?  Sounds good, let's go!!!

Warehouse Family



Buster is 5 weeks old and I just got him on Saturday, July 15th.  He has 2 siblings and a mother I will be getting this week.  Buster weighs 1 lb right now and will be ready for his new home in 6 weeks.  We are taking applications on him.



Buster is living the life considering where he came from.  An animal control officer got Buster when he was following his mother.  Sleeping on a real bed in peace and safety.

Buster's Mom & 2 Siblings

Mom & 2 siblings

This is where Buster came from.  His mother gave birth and put them under those steel beams.  He has 2 siblings that I will be getting tomorrow, Tuesday 07/17/2018.  I am praying Mom will jump in the back of the car after her puppies or at least get close enough for me to put a leash on her.  I have been feeding them a long time.

Busters mom


Busters mom was actually dumped after ACS was too full to take her in, her owners dumped her on the street where I was feeding my normal feral strays.  Mom joined the pack & has been staying away from me except when it is time to eat!

Busters Mom & Dad


I am not sure what breed they are but those are his parent.  Daddy is the white one with brown spots.  He too was dumped but a week earlier than Mom.  They have been very good parents



Buster seems to be enjoying being rescued.  He is eating gruel, a concotion of wet puppy food, Gerber's baby Rice food and puppy replacement milk.

Acme Street Puppies

I Got a Girl!


I was able to rescue 1 little girl from under the steel beams today, July 17

Saved for 100 degrees


As I crawled under those beams to get this baby I was met with a horrible smell of her siblings who did not survive in this weather,  This little baby is covered in fleas and ticks.

Shelter for Homeless Puppies


These steel beams are extremely heavy but they offered these puppies shelter from the rain but not the heat.  Poor mama who was dumped did not know what to do with her babies,

I pray the last one is living and I can rescue tomorrow.

Such a Cutie


This baby is about 6 weeks old and suffering in the environment.  The most bothersome thing is that this location is across the freeway from the City of San Antonio's HIGH Kill Shelter and their officers drive down this street all day long and never bother to stop and help these dogs.

No More LItters


The rescue community continuously tries to educate the citizens that it would be best to spay and neuter their dogs.  San Antonio Texas has an overpopulated number of strays running the streets,  A lot of the dogs were dumped by previous owners, like the mother of this group.

I've Been Saved


It was my pleasure to save this little girl,