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Daily Needs -- FOOD!

Food, we always need food.  Especially puppy food since we rescue so many litters from the street or pregnant moms and allow them to give birth in a safe & clean environment.  
Food for underweight dogs and regular food for the healthy dogs.  Gift cards are great from any Pet stores.

Daily Needs

Bleach, Lyson Wipe, Hand Santizer, Papertowels, Laundry detergent (we wash their bedding and toys weekly).  We need bedding, blankets, towels, pet beds, crates, pee pads, food bowls, collars and leashes.  Shampoo and Dawn detergent.  Gift cards to any store, Walmart, any Pet Store or Amazon or would be GREAT!!

Medical Must Haves

When we rescue a dog from the streets, it is very important to start their medical care and we do that by giving them a de-wormer, flea/tick preventative and their first vaccination.  We also provide puppies with a 2nd and sometimes 3rd vaccination before they are adopted into their new homes,  We also de-worm all dogs2-3 times.  In Texas fleas and ticks are in abundance so we have to keep a preventative on hand to give the dogs immediately to rid those parasites.  These dogs are going into someone's home and they need to be clean.  These are staple items that we have to keep on hand,

Unexpectd but Expected

When we rescue an adult dog we are always fearful that they are Heartworm positive but prayerful that they are Heartworm negative.  We have them tested before they are adopted out.  If any dog is Heartworm positive, we get them treated before adopting them into their new home.  So we always need funds to provide that 2 day treatment.  We normally carry a balance at the vets office.

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Simple but Meaningful

Any monetary contribution allows us to take the dogs/puppies to the vet and get them treatment for whatever they need as well as getting the items we use on a daily basis.  Any donation is tax deductible as we are a 501c (3) non profit organization.  Just request a receipt and it will be mailed to you to claim on your taxes.

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Our Partners