Medical Ward

Lilly at ACS


This is Lilly a 4 year old German Shepherd who was at the City of San Antonio's very HIGH Kill Shelter.  She had been adopted from ACS as puppy but thrown away.  Her previous owners stated that they decided they did not want a dog any longer so they drove her from their home and left her in the street.  
Unfortunately she was hit by a car and now needs a plate in her right leg to save the leg and allow her to move around like the happy dog that she is.

Lilly at Vets office


Lilly's Radius & Ulna are broken and she really needs her surgery soon so that she can be adopted into a new forever and loving home.


Please Help Save Lilly's Leg


Lilly has seen the vet at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital.  Her wounds have been cleaned and a splint put back on her leg until she has surgery.  We are trying to raise the funds so she can have this surgery as soon as possible.

LIlly Playing with her Foster Brother & Sister


Lilly does not know any strangers and she is the greeter to everyone who comes by.  She loves playing with her foster brother and sisters.  Please help her get her leg fixed.  Thank you.



Lilly is super sweet and she enjoys getting her head rubbed.  When you stop, she whimpers a little and then pushes her head under your hand.  She will also lay down for a belly rub.

Lilly's GoFundMe Campaign


Lilly's Broken Leg

Lilly is playing at the vet's office and that broken leg is not slowing her down.



4 Days After Surgery

Although Lilly had surgery on Friday, July 13 she is actively enjoying herself playing with her foster brother Bear.

We tried to stop her and limit her movement but she was determined to get out of the patio door to run and play.  Her foster sister Kaily really edged her on to have a good time with them,  

Kaily & Bear were playing and Lilly is best friends with Kaily and wanted to join the fun.

Please enjoy the video below:

Lilly's Aftercare

Lilly still has to visit the vet each Friday to check her wound to make sure she has no infection and they will xray her to make sure the plate and bones are still in place.

Shay & Babies

Teddy has distemper


Teddy is 1 of a litter of 11 born to an 8 month old Brindle Labrador Retriever.  YES, she as way too young to give birth but her owner thought she was a pit bull and intentionally bred her with a German Shepherd.  He intends on breeding her with a pit bull.  I pleaded and begged him not to breed her again and to allow me to get her spayed.  He refused.  

Teddy's mother SHAY


A puppy having puppies.  Her owner allowed me to take the puppies and find them a home but they would stay with their mother while they were nursing,  Turns out the mother was never vaccinated and her immune system was compromised and the babies were not able to hold her milk down so they had to be bottle fed.



The puppies had a bad infestation of worms and needed to be wormed at 2 weeks of age.  Normally we worm babies at 6 weeks as they are being weaned from mom.  Sadly 3 of the babies died from the worms.

Teddy at the Vet's Office


I took Teddy to the vet to get the proper medication to help him and his remaining siblings but by then 4 more had passed away.  They were sick when they were born to a sick and very young mother,

Teddy receiving fluids


I had to give Teddy and his siblings IV fluids as they were very dehydrated despite being fed the proper diet and never had been outside.  This is being done every 6 hours.  Teddy has the most spirit and he is willing himself to live.

Teddy has Distemper

Teddy working hard to overcome this deadly disease that is totally preventable with a vaccination given to the mother.

Scooter Needs Hip Surgery

Sweet Baby Scooter


 Scooter was rescued as a 2 month old puppy from the sidewalk and he could not walk.  He had be attacked by stray dogs and left a bad break on his leg.  The bones were fused together but as Scooter grew, the leg broke again.



Scooter is Growing


 Scooter is now 4 years old and that broken leg that did heal but it healed short which caused his hip joint to become dislocated.

Scooter is an extremely friendly dog who always has a smile on his face.  He only knows how to make you happy.  He loves going for car rides and running but he is in pain.  


Scooter's Leg & Hip Hurts


 Scooter needs an FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) surgery soon to correct his hip and relieve his pain.  Scooter is very lively and loves to walk and this injury is only causing him more pain as time goes on.

What is Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) Surgery for Dogs? A femoral head osteotomy, also referred to as a femoral head ostectomy or FHO, is the surgical removal of the head and neck of the femur. In simpler terms, it is the removal of the “ball” part of the ball-and-socket that makes up the hip joint.


Best Buds


 Over the years, Scooter has welcomed in new fosters and become their best friends.  Someone wants to adopt Scooter now and Roxxy's K9 Rescue always makes sure that all medical needs are met before placing  dog in his new forever home.


Scooter Talking to me


 I have been trying to raise money for him but seems like another dog with life threatening injuries comes into the rescue so whatever I save goes towards them.

Rescue organizations are not paid, we survive on donations of monetary value and goods (food, bedding, toys, vaccinations) that the dogs need for daily living.


Cost of Scooter's Surgery



Would you please consider helping Scooter so he can go to his new home and finally get all the attention without having to share with his foster brothers and sisters?  Thank you.


Benji Has Heartworms


This cute little guy, a happy young 10 year old has Heartworms and will need treatment to get rid of them.  Would you please help save his life?

Donate here



Benji is a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel & Poodle mix) and just a doll.  He really deserves to continue to live his life in a good home that will loving take care of him.



Benji will have his 2 day Heartworm Treatment at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.  You can contact them directly to make a contribution towards his care.  (210) 647-1101   THANK YOU!!

Check out Benji


Benji is still active but a calm dog and very obedient.  I'm sure he did receive love before he came into our rescue.

Benji Shares his Love


I am sad this cutie has heartworms as it does kill without treatment.  All dogs should be on monthly heartworm preventatives especially if you live in Texas as we do and we have lots of mosquito.  It only takes one mosquito bite to infect a dog.



I am happy to have Benji in our care and we will do whatever is needed to get his treatment so he can live a very happy life and enjoy himself.  He loves going for car rides.  And he really likes to watch TV with you.